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Christian and Muslim inter-religious peace foundation is a non-governmental, non-profitable organization partnering with a range of local and international organization to cater for widows, orphans, less privileged children, girl-child, and also to ensure that youths with limited resources have access to opportunities needed to succeed in life.

CHANMUS is focusing on reducing poverty to the minimal by providing tools for sustainable change to the people most vulnerable to violence, Cultism, kidnapping, hunger, rape, deprivation and diseases.
We concentrate on youths and women, by improving their basic educational levels, increasing their access to quality health care and spread economic opportunities to them.
We train and empower women, youths and the stigmatized.
We practice and preach the doctrine of peaceful coexistence therefore; CHANMUS does reconciliation, dispute resolution, onflict management and conciliation.
We anticipate a national and International government’s support and policies that are favorable in addressing the underlying causes of poverty.
We organize peace conferences, workshops and seminars for youth and women in the country.
In view of the aforementioned; the foundation has trained over 10,000 (Ten thousand) youths and women and has given scholarship to many sons and daughters in the local societies.
CHANMUS is birthed as a succor to our ailing nation, Nigeria.
We have intervened and resolved several communal crises and to our credit also, are several homes reconciled.
We have offices cut across the six (6) geo-political zone  of the country and have other members outside Nigeria.
CHANMUS was formed on 25 May 2012 by Dr. Amb.Hajiya Fatima Mama Ibrahim

Mission Statement:

Seeking Nigeria as one indivisable entity irrespective of our religious and ethnic differences, create roots of trained women and youth to beocme entrepreneurs that will contribute to the nation’s economy. We see to the provision of welfare facility to widows, the needy and orphans in the society.

Vision Statement:

To promote peace and participation among Nigerians citizens, promoting girl child education and gender equality. Provision of good roads and proper electrification projects for rural areas.

Aims and Objectives

To promote unity, peace and progress among Christian and Muslims.

To encourage and carry out community services, projects and offer useful suggestion to the government and organization.

Recommend well-meaning individuals for award as ambassador for peace and award of excellence.

To organize workshop, conferences and symposium on peace and conflict resolutions in partnership with other agencies.

To provide avenue for Christians and Muslims to work together.

To promote inter-religious dialogue and harmony among citizens.

To promote peace, love and better understanding among different religious groups.

To promote gender equality and girl-child education.

To promote welfare of widows, the needy and orphans in the society.

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